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What exactly is a LAP stack?
Each player creates a LAP stack into which they place cards, face up and in order, beginning with the START card, continuing through the numbered LAP cards and ending with the checkered flag FINISH card. If there are four players in a game, there will be four LAP stacks, one in front of each player.

Can I draw cards from my LAP stack and put them back in my hand?
No.  Once a card has been played into your LAP stack it must remain there.

Can I play more than one card on my LAP stack in one turn?
Yes, you can play all the cards in your hand as long as they are in numerical order.  (You can also play PITSTOP cards on other player's LAP stacks.)  Once you are out of cards, however, you can't draw more and keep going; you must draw 7 new cards and wait until your next turn.

At the end of my turn, can I draw cards from either draw stack?
No.  You must draw from the face-down DRAW stack.

Can I trade cards with another player?
No, but nice try.  

Can I place a PITSTOP card on someone's LAP stack before they have played a START card?
No, because they can’t make a Pitstop if they haven’t actually started the race.

Can I place a PITSTOP card on an opponent’s LAP stack in the same turn I play a FINISH card to win the game, even when playing by Race Season Rules?
Yes, you can play all the cards you are able to play from your hand, but you must play PITSTOP cards before playing the FINISH card because, once you play the FINISH card, the game is over.

Can I use a WILD CARD in place of a START card, a FINISH card, a PITSTOP card or an EXIT PIT card?
No, no, no and no.  WILD CARDS can be used in place of blue LAP cards only. 

Can I play a PITSTOP card on more than one player's LAP stack in one turn?
Yes, you can play as many cards from your hand as you want, including PITSTOP cards. However, you can play only one PITSTOP card on each opponent's LAP stack.

Can I play a Pitstop card on someone's LAP stack if they already have a Pitstop card showing on it?

What cards are included in one deck of PITSTOP cards?
In each deck, there are:  
5  START cards  
4  each of numbered LAP cards (1 – 8).
4  FINISH cards (#9 black & white checkered flag)
4  WILD cards
4  PITSTOP cards
5  EXIT PIT cards
NOTE: PITSTOP comes with two decks.  Use two decks for three or more players.

Can I play an EXIT PIT card and LAP cards on my LAP stack in one turn?
Yes.  You can play all the cards you can in any turn.

Can I play an EXIT PIT card on my LAP stack even if I don't have other cards to play on top of it?
Yes, but be prepared to have someone Pitstop you again before your next turn.

Can more than 6 people play PITSTOP?
Yes, by buying more PITSTOP cards, virtually any number of people can play.  For example, with 4 decks, 12 people can play and with 100 decks, 300 people can play.  But, with only two decks, Pitstop is the most fun with no more than 6 players.

Can I make up my own rules?
Changing the rules of PITSTOP is against the rules.

How many games are there in a Race Season?
Any number of games can make up a Race Season but you must decide in advance how many races will be played before a champion is declared.  (You can get free downloadable Score Sheets for Race Season Rules here.)

Why does the 8 card have a blue number on a white flag?
Because in racing, a white flag indicates the next to last lap.

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