OBJECT - Race to complete a LAP STACK of cards, beginning with a START card, continuing with LAP cards and finishing with a CHECKERED FLAG card. (Each player has their own Lap stack.)

THE DEALER - Each player draws a card; the highest number deals. The dealer shuffles the deck and deals seven cards to each player. The remaining cards go face down on the table to create a Draw stack. Turn the top card over to create a common Discard stack. Play begins with the player to the left of the dealer. (Use one deck for 2 players; both decks for 3-6 players.)

HOW TO PLAY - At the beginning of each turn, draw one card from either the Draw stack or the Discard stack. You may then play LAP cards into your Lap stack and PITSTOP cards into your opponents' Lap stacks. If you are unable to play any cards, you must discard one card into the Discard stack. At the end of each turn, take cards as needed from the Draw stack so that you always have seven cards in your hand. Play then passes to the left.

PITSTOP CARD - To prevent opponents from adding laps, place Red PITSTOP cards on their Lap stacks.

EXIT PIT CARD - If a PITSTOP card has been placed on your Lap stack, you must play a Green EXIT PIT card on it before adding more LAP cards.

WILD CARD - WILD cards replace any Blue LAP card.

HOW TO WIN - Be the first to play a Black and White CHECKERED FLAG card on your Lap stack.


Decide how many races to include in the season. For example, ten races might make up a Race Season. Using a score sheet, each player tallies their points at the end of each hand. The winner gets 9 points; all of the other players get the number of laps completed. (Lap 7 is worth 7 points, etc.)

Any player who has a PITSTOP card showing on their Lap stack must subtract 10 points from the number of Laps completed. (Lap 4 minus 10 points is worth -6 points, etc)

Note: The START card is worth zero points.

At the end of the designated number of races, the person with the highest score is the Season Champion.

CONTENTS - 108 cards, divided evenly into 2 decks: 10 Green Start Cards; 64 Blue Lap Cards (numbered 1 to 8); 8 Black & White Checkered Flag Cards (number 9); 8 Yellow Wild Cards; 8 Red PitStop Cards; 10 Green Exit Pit Cards.