White Holland web site traffic up sharply.

Powder Springs, GA September 8, 2003

After only a few months of operation, traffic on the White Holland web site has increased dramatically, mostly in the last few weeks according to Peggy Holland, an officer of the company and co-inventor of Pitstop.
In a telephone interview last week, Ms. Holland said "We're absolutely bewildered at the numbers we're seeing on the Pitstop site. Our web site manager showed me a report showing that traffic had risen sharply in the last four weeks alone". The increase represents nearly triple the number of visitors reported just two months previously.
The upswing may be the result of interest in racing and NASCAR events increasing in general, as well as word about Pitstop beginning to get around.
"We've had interest from newpaper reporters and radio talk show hosts. It's really heartening to see that people like the game and want to tell other people about it", said Ms. Holland.
As an example, Ms Holland refered to a recent article in the Marietta Daily Journal.
Not to seem too optimistic, Ms. Holland cautioned that the game is still new and it will take time to penetrate all the possible markets. "We still have a lot of room to grow", she said, "but we're getting there."
Pitstop is the first card game produced by White Holland Corporation, which is located outside Atlanta, GA.
From 2 to 6 players can play Pitstop and it’s fun for players 7 and up. The game consists of 108 unique, racing-themed plastic-coated playing cards, divided into two decks. Rules in English and Spanish are included in the box. Printable rules and Official Pitstop Score Sheets are available for free download from the White Holland web site at www.whiteholland.com.
White Holland expects to apply it’s unique talents in design, manufacturing, marketing and game-play dynamics to the game market in the coming years, and several more games are planned for the near future.

For more information, contact:

For more information, contact:

Peggy Holland
Vice President
3232 NW Castle Drive
Blue Springs, MO
Email: pholland@whiteholland.com
Phone: 816-874-0564